AP US History Volume 1: 2 Million BC to 1775 by Aaron Brassea and Kevin Spenst

Chainsaw Comics
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The world renowned miseducational webcomic by Aaron Brassea and Kevin Spenst is now available in book form! This volume collects the first four years of the comic, including the critically acclaimed stories "Hitler vs Gandhi," "Freudian Time Slips," "Jack the Ripper: Character Assassin," "Ben Franklin, Asst Manager," and many more! Also, exclusive to this collection is an all new practice test including 25 true or false questions, 25 multiple choice questions, and 3 short answer and essay questions!

"This is history told properly, for once. Compelling and magical."
Michael Kupperman
Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010, Tales Designed to Thrizzle

"This may be full of more 'alternative facts' than a White House briefing or a middle school history paper, but neither of those are nearly as much fun!"
Brian Gardes
Portland Public Schools Middle School History teacher

"I keep telling you, I'm not THAT Benjamin Franklin! He died like 200 years ago! STOP EMAILING ME!"
Benjamin Franklin
The United States Constitution, Fart Proudly

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