My Life in Scribbles Volume 3: 2011 by Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Comics
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My Life in Scribbles Volume 3 follows the lives of Aaron and Ashley Brassea as they adjust to life with a baby (and towards the end of the year, a toddler). Through a series of funny and personal moments, My Life in Scribbles presents the relatable along with the ridiculous to share a year in the life of the artist. Volume 3 collects all of the daily strips from 2011, along with the "three on the third" strips, hourly comics, and ten pages of bonus comics.

“After just a few episodes of My Life in Scribbles, you will feel like a close family friend. Aaron Brassea's autobio comics capture the familiar rhythm of family life, and punctuate each day with a sly wink.”
- Breena Wiederhoeft
Picket Line, Easel Ain’t Easy

“These are adorable diary comics, savoring the tiny moments, told with humor and honesty.”
- Jesse Reklaw
Slow Wave

“My Life In Scribbles is addictive. The honest dialogue sucks you in and makes it a pleasure to follow the lives of Aaron, Ashley & young Cora Brassea.”
- Nicole Georges
Invincible Summer, Calling Dr. Laura

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