My Life in Scribbles Volume 2: 2010 by Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Comics
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When 2010 started, artist Aaron Brassea had no idea what the year would bring. After Aaron finds out that Ashley, his wife, is pregnant, My Life in Scribbles Volume 2 follows their life as they prepare for the imminent birth of their first child and continues through the first three months of her life. With a combination of humor and honesty Aaron shares the true story of how two lives become three through the smaller moments along the way. Volume 2 collects all of the daily strips from 2010, along with the "three on the third" strips, hourly comics, fan art, and seven pages of bonus comics.

“With a few simple lines and terse dialog, he cuts a straight line to the funny bone. Turn the pages with a smile!”
- David Hayward, nakedpastor

“There's nothing i would rather be reading during one of my numerous and lengthy trips to the powder room.”
- Justin Harlan, thepaintedman

“Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make a comic of your own.”
- Alan David Doane, Trouble with Comics

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